Cat Cafe2009/12/07

A pool of cat...

Cat café is basically a café, of course, plus cats loafing around. The main thing you are supposed to do here is not to have a good cup of coffee, but to stroke the cats.

   This was my first time I have ever visited a cat café.

At the entrance  I was given a brief induction from the human staff, who looked after both their customer and their feline colleagues Then I was allowed to enter the room where cats were on their duty: having a nap.

Every cat seems to have a pedigree

 I haven’t had such close contacts with cats for a long time. I remembered how it felt when cat’s fluffy hairs got into my nostrils. 


No wonder his moult got into my nose

The cats were very professional, extremely well-trained and in good temper. They would never, ever scratch you. If they did, their professional pride would be broken so badly that they might commit suicide to save their pride (too Japanese way of thinking?).

Also being professional, their glooming was perfect. Their fur was shinning. No mucus, no earwax. They even got their nails polished.


As a café, you are supposed to order something to eat or drink which were , I think, reasonably priced (compared to other businesses where professional ladies will entertain you) For example, a pot of tea or coffee was ¥350 each (chilled ones were ¥400) .

Please see the pattern on the cup...Cats!

But you should be prepared to pay extra to stay there and stroke the cats. What would you call this fee? Table charge? or Cat charge? ¥500/30min, ¥800/60min (value set menus are available).


Eating area is outside the ‘cat room’, but you wouldn’t be feeling lonely separated from them. Some of the cats will get out of their ‘workplace’ and sometimes jump to the counter, where you are snacking, or even jump onto your lap or shoulder if you are lucky. 


I'm here to console you...

 If you prefer well-mannered, beautifully gloomed and touchable cats to  lovable but scratching local cats, here is the spot for you.  


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_ Leila ― 2010/08/12 22:14


I am going to Fukuoka in 2 days and was wondering where this cat cafe is located? You didn't mention the adress. Thank you!

_ Unagiinu ― 2010/08/13 11:50

Thank you for commenting.
The cafe is located in the western area of Fukuoka City (about 15min,away from the city centre by underground), Here is the website of the cafe: (written in Japanese)
And I've heard there is another cat cafe in the city centre, though I haven't been there. Please ask at the tourist office. They will be (probably)more knowledgeable than me.
Last but not least, please enjoy your stay!!


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