Today's Fish2017/07/20

My Way

How Would You Like Your Sole?


Not meunière nor baked sole.

I definitely go for simmering in soy sauce-based broth.

Today's Cat2017/07/09

Evening lounge (but not socialising)
cryptically colouring

a regular in this blog

A Day in Tokyo2017/07/01

rainy day

A no-shopping, no-fancy food day (a very unlikely way for me to spend a day in Tokyo).


1.     Visit a fork museum

edifice of fork craft


2.     Then peep into a former daimyo’s house and get dumfounded at the disparity in the old days (although we are now living in a horrible world, it is a different story)

unequal society...

wood but last long

viva feudalism

no inheritance tax

3.     Go to a literature museum


Drop in at a café in the museum to enjoy a coffee (named Ogai, after a Meiji-era novelist) and a sense of  intelligence.
academic coffee


Take a train to go to next place (and get lost at Shibuya)


4.     Enjoy some sandwiches with a view

look down

my long-time dream

Drop in at possibly one of the biggest bookstores in Japan


5.     Explore an old school building and have a tea there.

designed by F.L. Wright

in this place

have a tea

Duration: Around 6 hours (including the time for loitering around getting lost)



·        entrance fees (1,800 yen in total),

·        coffee (700yen),

·        a light meal(980yen)

·        and transportation (which is actually the biggest spending of the day. It could  feed us for 3 days at least.)


Souvenir of the Day:

Raisin bun. 140JPY (torn in half in picture)

cursed bun? or alienated?

The black bits are neither insects nor aliens (‘ eggs). The raisin are concentrated in the centre of the bun, not scattered in the dough. It feels heavy. Actually, so heavy that even my sweet-toothed husband could not eat it up at once.

Today's Cat2017/06/24

synchro duet
a young twin.

Today's Cat2017/06/22

Weather forecast
Weather forecast...rain, rain, rain...

Today's Cat2017/06/20

Repeat after me
How to pronounce /s/.

Use Up Leftover Cream2017/06/07

Cream Muffins

            Banana muffins made with leftover cream.


I’ve found a new way to use up leftover cream (45% fat).


The recipe for these muffins calls for 100ml of cream, a banana, sugar, an egg, flour and baking powder, all of which are my cupboard/ fridge staples. And the method is extremely simple: just mix up the ingredients and pop the dough into the oven. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare before baking (possibly it should be more troublesome to wash the tools afterwards), I guarantee.


The finished product is not bad. Although the surface is not as crisp as their buttery counterparts, they are nicely fluffy and moist— good as a light and less-guilty snack to enjoy.


If you’d like to try this recipe, here is the details.

Clear and Present Danger2017/06/04

Just in case (hopefully)

Today, I saw on TV people doing an emergency drill in case of North Korean missile attack.

This reminded me of (though I didn’t exist at that time) air-raid drills performed during WWII when we were made to believe firmly that bamboo spears would beat the B-29.