Black Friday@Aeon2016/11/25

3-day spectacular!

I think it is Aeon’s first attempt to exploit a western custom though most of shoppers there (including me) may well not know what Black Friday is.

The special offers were a combination mashrooms,

mashroom sale!


rice sale!

and coldweather underwear…


what I would love to buy at lower prices,  such as thermal tights, (big) cotton knickers or toilet rolls, were all sold at full price. Quite naturally, people were shopping calmly. There was no excitement or a battle over a Playstation.


I wonder why we need Black Friday here.  If you look for a bargain shopping in November, we already have Seimon-barai, which is more exciting to me.  If retailers want a religion-related pretext to lure shoppers, why not a sale on the Buddha’s birthday in April or May?

Bakery Unagiinu2016/11/24

mock angel food
Last night I baked a mock angel cake using whole eggs. This was the first time I have made icing by myself, which was unexpectedly easy.
my bible
Picture from here.
This manga, a series of sketches of daily life of a middle-aged gay couple,  is packed with easy and practical recipes. You don't need exotic ingredients or seasonings that you have never heard of to cook anything in this book. I have been relying on this series for my evening cooking for quite a while.

Today's Colour2016/11/16

in full swing!
Autumn tints.

Today's Cat2016/11/16

walking around
A place in the sun.

Win Win Business2016/11/15

affordable donut

                        Choco Fashion Ball 37yen and

                        Coffee 216 yen


Mister Donuts sells donut holes. Actually, I am not sure whether this bitesize doughnut is really the by-product of  “proper” “holed” ones, though.


I think this newly introduced treat is a good idea for both us the consumer and the store.

We can enjoy a real doughnut with fewer calories (and less guilt) at a lower price. Plus, compared to its full-size version, wider area is covered with chocolate (important!). Meanwhile, the store can sell lucrative coffee in exchange for taking trouble to make miniature doughnuts. Also, I guess not so many people would need another cup of coffee to wash down this small bit (Mr Donuts offers bottomless coffee, as you may well know), which makes its coffee even more profitable.

His Store2016/11/15

Did you know Japanet Takata? It is a relatively young, but leading TV shopping retailer specialised in household electrical appliances. The main attraction of its show was the company’s president, Mr. Takata.


His characteristic high voice and manipulative great sales pitch captured so many customers and I think helped the company grew so rapidly even in this age of the Internet. However, he has recently retired from appearing on the company’s shopping shows, but is still a distinctive figure—so distinctive that his figure is used as the company’s mascot.


The other day, I found Japanet Takata opened its first brick-and-motor store in a local outlet mall.

At  the first sight, couldn't recognized it as Japanet store. From distance, it looked like Apple store or Dyson showroom—sleek, spacious and a small number of products on the display, exuding a somewhat aloof aura—quite different from the impression from its shopping shows on TV give—loud, packed and sometimes pushy but accessible. But there is something that proudly shows who they are. The statue of Mr. Takata, which instantly makes the store look very Japanet.  

his store

Fallen Leaves2016/11/15

Deep autumn
Real autumn has come.

Food Court with Less People2016/11/14

There is a food court on the basement floor of Hakata Hankyu Department attached to JR Hakata Station. I have recently found it worth trying if you wish to have a quick and less costly snack because:


1.       Unlike other eating establishments in the area, it is not crazily busy. At around 12:30 PM on a Saturday (before the sinkhole incident occurred nearby), I still could find a seat with a comfortable distance from other diners;

2.        Choices are plenty at under 500 yen, which is relatively difficult to find in this area (unless you go for convenient stores), or even at any food court in my local Aeon malls.


The menu includes Takoyaki, Ramen, buns, soft-served ice cream, udon, sushi… nearly all snack food I could think of.


However, as with any other food courts or "convenient" food, You can’t expect “the best” here: it is by no means “healthy” or “good-for-you”. But the food is good enough to recharge during shopping or before getting on the train, and the servers are friendly and polite, thanks to its location in a department store. At least, my ramen came piping hot! What more do you expect?


One thing to be noted: this place seems to be popular with foreign tourists. I hardly hear Japanese language during my lunch (last for around 15minutes).  If you would like to mix with the locals, this (and probably all eateries within the station) may not be your first choice.