Today's Treat2017/04/28

Apple pie and coffee on lakeside.
A beautiful break.

Do not get shocked when your apple pie is served cold with no cream or ice cream. You are not bullied or discriminated. It is just a default serving style in casual settings in this town (or Japan).

Today's Cat2017/04/03

His fort.

Haneda, March 20172017/03/22

I have been to Haneda Airport for the first time since it opened the International Terminal.
The terminal was full of "FujiyamaGeisha" atmosphere, which was  apparently created for Gaijin-sans.

Beautiful works, if not overdoing.

However, the problem is, all of these "exotic Japan" things are at before-security area where most of tourists just pass through, and the after-security is a usual international airport featuring tax-free shops and ripping-off cafes.

My First Marugame2017/03/22

my first marugame

The other day, I had a chance to have a meal at Marugame Udon for the first time.

Udon is one of Fukuokans’ soul foods, but this nationwide udon chain restaurant offers Sanuki-style featuring chewy noodle and buffet-style service. You order your udon and tempura at the counter and pour the broth from a tap (!) at the end of the counter.

Unlike Fukuokan udon restauratns, there was no Kashiwa meshi or beef topping. Instead, a variety of tempura and some unfamiliar toppings, such as Mentaiko, grated taro were on offer.


My first Marugame came with tempura of soft-boiled egg and gobo.

…I appreciate their skill to tempura a soft-boiled egg. I don’t think I can cover boiled egg with tempura butter and deep-fry it while keeping its yolk soft.

tempured soft-boiled egg

However, everything was surprisingly, and hopelessly, lukewarm and the broth had no flavour. For my was depressing.

I don’t blame Marugame for that. It’s only a matter of taste, and I just happen to prefer piping-hot udon. 

Next time I would go for West udon where udon is hot and the broth has a lots of character (derived mainly from iriko (dried sardines), I guess).

Today's Cat2017/03/02

knows sweet and sour
Know-everything looking. He might give me a word of wisdom or two.

Spring Has Come!2017/03/01 a local garden centre.


DIY Battery Replacing2017/02/28


Recently, I have change the dead battery of my cheap Casio which I bought in 2014 at 880yen.


According to this Know-how video, its looks so simple that I thought even I could do it myself.


I got everything I needed to do the job at a local 100 yen shop. What a wonderful world!



The most scary part of this job was opening the back lid. I felt I was crossing the Rubicon…


Once opened, the inside of the watch looks this simple.

industrial product

Changing the battery itself was a quite straightforward process: just pick the old one and put a new one. That’s all.


Then I closed the lid by firmly pressing it onto the body. The problem here is, the gasket for water resistance tends to escape from the lid and ends up swelling out. After struggling to set it properly without success, I decided to think “OK! As long as the watch doesn’t get wet, it should be fine!”  When it comes to a 880-yen watch I could be this broad-minded. I think my husband would be overjoyed if I offered him the same amount of broad-mindedness.  


The job has been completed (apart from the gasket issue which I pretend not to have noticed). Actually, more than two months have passed since I replaced the battery. The watch is still working properly. Now I am quite confident with my craftsmanship on changing battery of cheap Casio using 100-yen tools.


By the way, before I came to know the battery was replaceable, I got two cheap Casios to replace the old one. What can I do with them?

what to do with them?

Today's Cat2017/02/27

I am still alive and so is this blog...
start appearing
In spring light.