AM Radio2016/09/14

good old one

Since the April earthquake, I have been listening to AM radio more often than ever. I found radio makes me feel less anxious when I am about to panic.   


My favourite station is NHK Dai-Ichi where broadcasters always speak calmly and gently. They never scream at or agitate their listeners. Listening to their voice, broadcasted on good old radio wave, I feel a bit less scared knowing there are real people sharing the fear and anxiety. Also, information radio provides sounds more helpful. Which road is closed, where you should go for a shelter, or which supermarkets are still operating, etc. Being in Fukuoka, I didn’t really need such information, but it was much better knowing that there are something for affected people than watching distressed people on TV not being able to do anything for them.


I am now even planning to get a short-wave radio so that I can listen to “real” voice everywhere over the globe.

In fact, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affair/Overseas Safety website recommends having a short-wave radio when traveling non-Wi-Fi areas, just in case.

My First "Obachan Pants"2016/09/12

very forgiving

This is my first “Obachan pants, ” or trousers designed specifically for female wearers who have reached a certain age and become less self-conscious.

a bargain!

They have their own name “mother’s pants”­—in this case, the term “mother” doesn’t necessarily mean “a woman who has her child(ren)”. Or rather I guess this word seems to be used as a generic term to imply someone like me.

I can’t imagine Mrs. Clinton or Miss Koike wearing them.

iPhone and I2016/09/11

Finally, the Apple invasion has reached my household.
I wonder why it doesn't come with its owner's manual and why it forces it owner to look after it so carefully--no protection and no configuration--very irritating!. I can't even turn on this thing!
Yes, you can call me a dinosaur if you like.

Kawaii Llunch2016/08/25

around 900yen at a local cute-looking cafe.
tomato juice?
served with custard pudding with iced tea.
starch and suger
I realised "kawaii" doesn't mean "nutritious"or "value for money" when it comes to eating out...

Today's Cat2016/08/20

A relaxing evening.

enjoying a cool breeze

Lotus 20162016/07/22

lotus 2016

My dream summer day… sitting here viewing this heavenly scenery all day eating nice ripen peaches (with  a good insect repellent).

vast lotus field


La (micro) Tomatina2016/07/21


I guess tomatoes are doing well this season. The price is not extremely low, a tomato weighing around 300g costs about 100 yen at the moment,  but the quality is almost perfect and there are plenty of supply everywhere (in contrast to the serious shortage of onions). My husband got a lot ( he always loves purchasing everything in great quantities, and tends to forget what he bought after putting them in the fridge…is he a squirrel?) of well-ripe tomatoes. To eat them up while they are fresh, I tried to cook some unfamiliar dishes such as;



doesn't look appetising...

(with some spaghetti which turned out a perfect summer lunch. I like it!)

and even home-made tomato ketchup (or tomato sauce).


Do they look different from ratatouille or ketchup you are familiar with? I think so too!

Hidden Gem2016/07/10

not bad at all
                     Kasutera and iced coffee: 450 yen

I think if you want a break in Tenjin on weekend, this place is worth remembering. Located upstairs of an old confectionary, which deals with a rather old-fashioned omiyage-type sweets, no one would think there’s a space open to the public.

In fact, when I visited, there was no one in the café, despite the fact that summer sale and Yamagasa festival exhibition were going on outside.

no man's land

The café serves something to drink and pieces of sweets sold downstairs. So there is no freshly made cakes with a lot of whipped cream, or blog-friendly showy treats. But the quietness and having somewhere to sit and relax is very valuable in weekend Tenjin, where people queue up even in front of Dotour.  


One of the reasons this café is so quiet may be that the spiral staircase leading to the upstairs is quite steep and narrow. Not at all friendly for anyone. You can experience a bit of thrill especially when going down the stairs.


I think I have given you enough clues. Do find it yourself as I did!