Tokyo This and That2016/12/21

Professional work.

I wanted to go cafe Renoir...My lifetime wish has been completed!

This time, Seijo Ishii looked after us with boxed meals.
Ishii Box
Ishii Salad
Healthy choice
.. and I don't know why, it features Hokkaido delicacy, which was nice and tasty.
Hokkaido specialty

Do you know where this place is? Perfect to take a short break during walking around. But some people might feel it uncomfortable here...
Hidden gem
View from this spot...
What is waiting for this building?
I wonder whether this historic building may be preserved after the very sad incident occurred around five years ago...

Night Scene2016/12/21

On arrival at Tokyo, I realised I haven't seen night illuminations for ages. The first thing I thought to see this was: who pays the electricity bills?
Tokyo Station

overtime work
Hello, overtime workers!
Setsuday? what?
Setsudan? what's that?
Viva! LED!
LED doesn't mean you can go extravagant, does it?

Year-End Shinkansen Trip2016/12/20

As Usual...
I enjoyed a high calorie meal.
Did you know a bottled tea sold in the car costs the same as outside vending machine?

This time I was lucky to see Mt.Fuji.
I wonder why I feel much less tired after traveling on Shinkansen than on aircraft though the traveling time is much longer. 

Christmas Display 20162016/12/11

I think this year's displays in Tenjin are more lavish than the past years'.

Mitsukoshi Lion in Christmas version.

mitsukoshi 2
People looks happier...because they are all Chinese tourists?

city hall
City hall (carried away)

I think this shopping centre's decoration is always sensible yet stylish. Very impressive.

Muji's cookie houses.

Today's Cat2016/12/01

DNA magic
A DNA magic.
similar but different
Anytime I attend funerals (not wedding, due to my age, sadly) I find relatives have something in common with their looks though different in details. Don't you think so?

Black Friday@Aeon2016/11/25

3-day spectacular!

I think it is Aeon’s first attempt to exploit a western custom though most of shoppers there (including me) may well not know what Black Friday is.

The special offers were a combination mashrooms,

mashroom sale!


rice sale!

and coldweather underwear…


what I would love to buy at lower prices,  such as thermal tights, (big) cotton knickers or toilet rolls, were all sold at full price. Quite naturally, people were shopping calmly. There was no excitement or a battle over a Playstation.


I wonder why we need Black Friday here.  If you look for a bargain shopping in November, we already have Seimon-barai, which is more exciting to me.  If retailers want a religion-related pretext to lure shoppers, why not a sale on the Buddha’s birthday in April or May?

Bakery Unagiinu2016/11/24

mock angel food
Last night I baked a mock angel cake using whole eggs. This was the first time I have made icing by myself, which was unexpectedly easy.
my bible
Picture from here.
This manga, a series of sketches of daily life of a middle-aged gay couple,  is packed with easy and practical recipes. You don't need exotic ingredients or seasonings that you have never heard of to cook anything in this book. I have been relying on this series for my evening cooking for quite a while.

Today's Colour2016/11/16

in full swing!
Autumn tints.