red sun

Although the temperature still reaches over 33 Celsius during daytime, in the morning and evening, we no longer need air-con and evening walk has been feeling really comfortable and enjoyable for the past few days .

The sky looks clearer and waves are getting higher. There have been new sweet potatoes on the supermarket shelves. All signal that autumn is approaching.

Am I too optimistic to assume we are at the threshold of autumn (=the end of summer)?

Today's Cat2017/08/13

How to pronounce "th".

Today's Cat2017/08/13

Mother and daughter
A young family. They have survived the intense heat.
Well done!

Lotus 20172017/08/13

Lotus 2017

It was a bit too late to appreciate the lotus here. The leaves have grown thick and powerful. They look so energetic that, facing them, I almost felt I was going to be  swallowed into the thicket of lotus.


Today's Cat2017/08/12

It's not easy being a black cat in 35 Celsius...

Today's Treat2017/08/10

burried in...
what we call "Purin A RA Mode", 680 yen.
A custard pudding buried in pieces of grapefruit, watermelon, banana, and kiwi.
Do not think about how much the cost was...if you don't like to feel ripped off.
If you are a custard pudding person, this may feel more reasonable.
cafe muji
Relatively generous size pudding and beverage of your choice. 580 yen (as long as my memory is correct).

Hello, Mister Vories!2017/08/02

libraty books

At a local library, I came across an incredibly charming gentleman. His name is William Merrell Vories, a mulch-talented social activist of early to mid-20th century (Please google for more details).


What makes me so attracted to this legend was the transcripts of his speeches. He seemed to do everyday business in Japanese (no wonder he subsequently got Japanese nationality). His speeches were recorded and compiled into some books. And I came across one of reprinted edition of the books at the library. I know now there are non-native Japanese speakers who can speak more “correct” Japanese than him ( I don’t think there were Japanese language school or textbooks in his time)  but his Japanese sounds very charming and genuine with a lot of, natural or not, humour. I guess this is a kind of linguistic miracle that only he, given a particular setting and particular personality and talent,  could perform.  I wish my English would sound as charming as his.


So deeply attracted to himself, I did a quick research to see if I could see any of his works, and luckily,  I found that there is a building he designed that still stands and is used on my way to shopping. It is a museum of a local university and open to the public for free!

how Yokan should be...

Although the exhibition , to be honest, may not be everyone’s cup of tea (they are mostly Christianity-related artifacts), I am very happy to be able to feel what he meant in his books.


Very Western!

Built in 1921, the building was packed with what we imagine when we hear the word “Western-style building”; symmetrical structure, ivy-covered red-brick façade, tall windows and shallow eaves. And the lot of windows might have surprised local people as our house then must have been much darker than now.

lovely steps



still working smoothly

Amazingly, this school is also my late father’s alma mater. I wish I could talk with him about his schoolboy days...how he felt the school buildings as a young boy.




Today's Hiyamugi2017/08/01

Today's hiyamugi
We had our hiyamugi with chicken balls, edamame and crushed nagaimo in the dipping sauce. I felt I missed something...probably some fat.